LMHQ is a nonprofit space focused on building and connecting a community of downtown makers, thinkers, and doers. We offer flexible work, meeting, and event spaces. We foster new connections and ongoing inspiration through diverse programming and a robust network of members.

Join in and help us grow the creative and entrepreneurial community of Lower Manhattan as we keep it strong, productive, and connected.

Why LM

LMHQ stands for Lower Manhattan Headquarters.
Since 1995, the Alliance for Downtown New York has been working to enhance the quality of life in Lower Manhattan by providing workers, residents and visitors with a clean, safe and dynamic neighborhood.
That’s why, in 2015 the Downtown Alliance opened LMHQ. At the center of inspiration and action, with 800+ creative companies flocking below Chambers Street, the oldest neighborhood is being completely redefined.  Lower Manhattan is a natural location for LMHQ – serving as the central meeting place for this dynamic community to come together to collaborate, meet, brainstorm, and learn new skills.
Join us and a diverse community of professionals in our civic-minded mission to strengthen connections and contribute to the city’s growth.



Founding Members