The Future is Now, and It’s Downtown

The newly opened Lower Manhattan Headquarters, or LMHQ, looks, at first glance, like many office spaces designed with innovation in mind. It is mostly open, with high ceilings and movable chairs. Even the conference rooms appear airy: their doors are walls of glass. Long tables are intended for solo and group work or meet-ups, and communal areas with sofas, chairs, books, and a café provide a social environment.
But how the space is used depends on who uses it.


Daria Siegel discusses LMHQ, a new 12,500 square foot collaborative space in Lower Manhattan where she serves as director. Located at 150 Broadway, LMHQ hosts meetings, events and guest speakers with the aim of fostering collaboration between small businesses and entrepreneurs. Siegel spoke to City & State about the kickoff events hosted at the space last week and LMHQ's future goals. 

Collaboration Spaces - Why They May Work

The marketing draw? People. Smart people. Creative people. Talented people who are on the verge of success. The product? A new coworking ‘spin off’ called a ‘collaboration space’.
Born in Manhattan, the first of its kind, LMHQ ‘Lower Manhattan Headquarters’ just opened its doors and is already getting some serious media attention, most recently in Forbes. And, beneath the marketing veneer, they may be on to something.

Preview LMHQ’s New “Clubhouse” for Lower Manhattan Professionals for Free this Week

It’s not a co-working space. That’s the first thing the Downtown Alliance wants you to know about Lower Manhattan HQ (LMHQ), its new 12,500-square-foot, whiteboard-walled, coffee-equipped clubhouse at 150 Broadway. Yes, you can go there to work, or even get in a meeting or two, but LMHQ’s main objective is to serve as a sort of “living room” for downtown Manhattan professionals looking to network, recharge, or learn something new.

Communal Work Space Opens in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is quickly redefining itself from a financial district to a hip creative hub of more than 800 tech type companies. In response to the transformation, the Downtown Alliance opened its doors toLMHQ, a collaboration space.

In addition to Wi-Fi, LMHQ has tablets you can use. Say you have an idea but no pen or paper -- you can write on the walls because they basically double as dry-erase boards.

Latest Addition to Silicon Alley — Alliance Opens a Meeting Space for Tech Industry

The push for Lower Manhattan to be a beacon for tech and creative firms continues with the Downtown Alliance opening a new event and meeting space Wednesday.
Called Lower Manhattan HQ, or LMHQ, the new modern and bright space at 150 Broadway offers conference rooms, long tables for collaborative work, walls that can be scribbled on and, of course, a coffee bar.

Coworking Is Old News: Why You Should Look At Collaboration Spaces

Coworking has been one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial trends of the last decade. In 2005, there were just a handful of coworking spaces in America. Now, there are over 2,000.  New York City alone has more than 50.


Coworking’s quick spike in popularity means a new coworking space will have less innovative impact than it might have 10 years ago. And it means coworking spaces have saturated the startup culture so completely that they’ve caught the attention of larger companies.

A New Type of Working Space Opens in Financial District

Lofty ceilings, bright open spaces, and walls that can be decorated with markers. At first glance, the new Lower Manhattan HQ would appear to be just another co-working space, but that seems to be the only thing the 12,500 square-foot-space says it isn't.

LMHQ is instead designed to be what LMHQ director Siegal calls a "third space" for the Financial District business community; It's not a place to live or work, but rather an area for collaboration, meet-ups and "creative collisions" with other industries and people.

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