Archive of Past Events

Events are one of the cornerstones of LMHQ, helping us build a thriving community of some of the sharpest professionals in the City. Take a look at photos, videos and summaries from our past events to get a sense of the programming we've designed to engage the LMHQ community.

Past Events


Watch Cultivating Your Career in a Time of Uncertainty
In these unprecedented times, each of us are forced with a new reality when it comes to our professional outlook. Whether you’re employed, furloughed, laid off or unemployed it’s a struggle to know what to do next and how when there is no clear end in sight. What can you do to gain a sense of calm and control with so much in flux? In this actionable workshop, Rose Chan Siow, Found …
Leadership is one of the most important resources in nonprofit communities. But in order for leadership to be a sustainable resource and one that is readily available to nonprofits it must be managed responsibly. In order to prepare for times of instability, nonprofit organizations must adopt a proactive model of leadership and create reliable pipelines for leadership development well in advance, …
Watch Personal Finances in an Uncertain Time
In this workshop, participants joined Joy Liu, Certified Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym for a conversation on managing personal finances in light of the uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Topics covered included: preparing for possible unemployment or a pay cut; debt payments; student loans; retirement; rent freeze; investing and donating. A few key takeaways: Your first priority should …
Please note: All proceeds from this event went to support the staff of the Dead Rabbit while the bar remains closed in response to Covid-19. Learn how to make cocktails at home with the Dead Rabbit! Tired of your usual glass of Cabernet or IPA and ready for a challenge? LMHQ hosted a Mixology Happy Hour featuring the Dead Rabbit! Ian Alexander, Head Bartender at the award-winning modern …
Watch Freeing Yourself From Conflict
Do you ever find yourself stuck in a “conflict loop”? Blaming yourself? Blaming others? Trying to work together with people and only growing farther apart? Certain habits can keep you and others stuck in a “conflict loop.” But what if instead of confronting conflicts, you could simply free yourself of them? In this webinar, conflict expert Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler& …