Archive of Past Events

Events are one of the cornerstones of LMHQ, helping us build a thriving community of some of the sharpest professionals in the City. Take a look at photos, videos and summaries from our past events to get a sense of the programming we've designed to engage the LMHQ community.

Past Events


Watch Raising Capital in a Crisis
Many early-stage companies took a hit as a result of the current economic crisis, especially in industries heavily reliant on consumer activity. Companies looking to survive face stark choices, and overall fundraising for private investment funds is already in decline – U.S. venture capital investment volume was down 46% in April compared to March, and down 43% year-over-year. With this redu …
Watch Host a Virtual Event Like a Pro
Born out of necessity due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent shutdowns, virtual events have become the new normal. For everything from baby showers to board meetings, we are turning on our laptop cameras and tuning in via Zoom and Google Hangouts. While virtual events can’t replicate the magic of in-person events, they can still be high-quality and engaging. In this workshop Elissa …
Watch Beyond the Resume: Getting Your Foot in the Door
You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect cover letter and your resume is spotless. You’re a great candidate, but it feels like you’re sending emails into a black hole. Now that you’re ready to find your dream job, how do you get your foot in the door? And once you’re in, how do you land the gig? In this workshop, Rose Chan Siow, Founder and Principal of SCOUT and facil …
Watch LMHQ x Womxn Owning It: Inside Red Antler
Casper. Allbirds. Hinge. You can picture the logos, the typeface, the color of the subway ads. But how did these ubiquitous brands develop such unique and enduring identities? On June 11, LMHQ and IFP’s Womxn Owning It hosted a virtual coffee break highlighting the work of Brooklyn-based branding studio Red Antler. Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer Emily Heyward, Executive Creativ …
Watch "Inclusify" to Build Innovative Teams
Humans have two basic needs: to stand out and to fit in. Companies tend to react to those needs by creating groups where everyone fits in and no one stands out, or where everyone stands out and no one fits in. How do we find that happy medium where workers can demonstrate their individuality while also feeling they belong? Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, an Associate Professor of Management at the L …