Archive of Past Events

Events are one of the cornerstones of LMHQ, helping us build a thriving community of some of the sharpest professionals in the City. Take a look at photos, videos and summaries from our past events to get a sense of the programming we've designed to engage the LMHQ community.

Past Events


Watch Facebook's Libra: Boon or Bust?
Facebook's Libra is the latest addition to the growing market of cryptocurrencies, joining bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum as a decentralized digital cash. But unlike the others, Libra will be connected to the world’s largest social network. The mission of Facebook’s Libra project is to “Reinvent money [and] Transform the global economy. So people everywhere can live better li …
Watch the September Women's Breakfast on Media
In a time when “disruption” of industries is the norm, how does one of the oldest industries — publishing — survive? What does it mean to be a writer when your bottom line is determined by number of clicks and time spent on websites? How do you make a living when staff jobs are becoming few and far between?  LMHQ’s first Women’s Breakfast of the season feat …
Watch World Pride: Being Seen in the Workplace
50 years after the Stonewall riots, a pivotal event that helped spark the modern gay rights movement, New York City is celebrating the "Year of Pride.” As we honor this important milestone, there is still much to be done in the workplace to support diversity & inclusion. A 2018 report by the Human Rights Campaign found that nearly half of LGBTQ employees in the U.S. are closeted at …
Watch The Power of Friendship: Women Supporting Women
It’s a common misconception that women view one another as competitors. Instead, evidence exists that the most successful women are those that collaborate and create allyship. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that there are differences between the networks of successful men and women leaders. While both benefited from creating central networks, women were creating dua …
Watch Women's Breakfast on Podcasting
More than half the people in the United States have listened to one podcast, and nearly one out of three people listen to at least one podcast every month, according to The Infinite Dial, an annual survey conducted by Edison Research. The power and influence of podcasting is growing, and we’re at a pivotal moment for the medium. Podcasting is about storytelling, and we need to make sure wome …