Archive of Past Events

Events are one of the cornerstones of LMHQ, helping us build a thriving community of some of the sharpest professionals in the City. Take a look at photos, videos and summaries from our past events to get a sense of the programming we've designed to engage the LMHQ community.

Past Events


Watch The Newsletter Comeback
It’s the age of social media — or is it? In recent years, the newsletter has been revived as a key strategy for building a large and loyal following, and some publishers are seeing their newsletter audiences grow at an exponential rate. From independent newsletters that cover grassroots action and politics to curated big media blasts from some of the largest publishers, this medium is …
Looking for a job is rarely simple, especially if you’re looking to pivot from one industry to another, from one speciality to another, or to take on a new responsibility. Do you want to better understand your own story and learn how to tell it in a way that impresses potential clients or employers? This introductory storytelling workshop showed participants how to identify and frame their o …
On February 6, LMHQ community members joined experts from the Ad Council, Gensler and ideas42 for an interactive workshop to learn how to apply design thinking and behavioral science methods to solve real world problems. Over the course of three hours, participants practiced the primary stages of design thinking and behavioral science-- problem definition, ideation and prototyping-- to come u …
Watch Behind the Creative Curtain with Etsy
In 2019, Etsy became the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping. Now, every time an item is purchased on Etsy, the company balances out the carbon emissions by creating positive environmental impact. When Etsy moved to reduce their carbon footprint, they discovered that 98% of their emissions come from shipping— a process which they do not co …
Watch Fierce Female Founders
When it comes to gender diversity, there’s progress in the startup world. According to the 2019 PitchBook-All Raise All In: Women in the VC Ecosystem report, investment in female-founded startups is on the rise: In 2018, $46.3 billion went to startups founded by women. At the same time, gender bias is still a very real problem. At LMHQ’s January Women’s Breakfast, we spoke with s …