Archive of Past Events

Events are one of the cornerstones of LMHQ, helping us build a thriving community of some of the sharpest professionals in the City. Take a look at photos, videos and summaries from our past events to get a sense of the programming we've designed to engage the LMHQ community.

Past Events


Watch: Lower Manhattan at Your Fingertips: A Tour with CultureNOW
CultureNOW dedicates itself to celebrating our vast cultural environment, functioning as a gallery that exists beyond museum walls through cultural tourism and arts education. In the spring of 2011, the organization won an NYC Big Apps award for its Lower Manhattan Museum Without Walls App —considered “state of the art” for New York’s cultural tourism back then —and h …
Watch Lower Manhattan: Making Community Through Culture
New York City has long been the United States’s tourism hub. This year, though, the COVID travel risks have rendered tourism essentially impossible. Despite this setback, Lower Manhattan's cultural institutions have been working hard to continue to provide the city’s denizens with interesting, high-quality exhibitions and initiatives. In this conversation, key players from the 9/11 …
Watch Women’s Breakfast: Sustainability in Consumer Habits
Covid has changed our lives and our spending habits. But is the change permanent? What patterns of consumption do we want to return to when the pandemic ends? What habits were ripe for change? And how can we use this moment to make consumption more sustainable and equitable, for individuals and businesses? At LMHQ’s December Women’s breakfast, we were joined by the thought leaders …
Watch Tell Us Who You Really Are: The Art of Branding Yourself
Struggling to translate your creative practice, business or self into words? Avoiding the process of writing and editing your About page, whether for your own materials or an upcoming pitch? In this workshop, Shama Rahman, Director of Brand Strategy at New York Magazine, helped participants face their fears and explore how to clearly communicate who they are and the kind of work they produce to a …
Watch Four Practices of Successful Women
Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean ambition has to take a backseat. No matter your industry or position, building a foundation for success is key to advancing in your career, inside or outside the office. In this workshop, Marya Stark and Amelia Newbury of Trajectory Women discussed the most important drivers of women's career success and how to steer through common …