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Marie Claire
July 22, 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest, skinniest, happiest most confused of them all? When it comes to body image, we all are—but thankfully the world is becoming a more body-positive place every day. Case in point: the recent Women & Body Image: Making It Fit event in New York City, where Marie Claire senior features editor Whitney Joiner led a panel of honest, candid, and seriously insightful speakers. Read More

July 09, 2015

As the landscape of Lower Manhattan shifts, tech, advertising, media and information companies are moving in next door to the long-standing financial institutions the area is known for. In a neighborhood where square footage is priced at a premium, young companies can’t afford the space they need to work effectively. That’s where LMHQ comes in. Read More

NY Press
July 02, 2015

The newly opened Lower Manhattan Headquarters, or LMHQ, looks, at first glance, like many office spaces designed with innovation in mind. It is mostly open, with high ceilings and movable chairs. Even the conference rooms appear airy: their doors are walls of glass. Long tables are intended for solo and group work or meet-ups, and communal areas with sofas, chairs, books, and a café provide a social environment.   But how the space is used depends on who uses it. Read More