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Women’s Breakfast: Caretaking while WFH

Date: 11/19/2020

Time: 9:00am
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

Watch Women’s Breakfast: Caretaking while WFH
Balancing home life and work responsibilities has always been a challenge, but for most of us, the existence of an office allowed for some (literal and metaphorical) space between the two. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent shift to working from home, this critical separation crumbled and with it came the boundaries between work, caretaking and self-care. How do you balance virtual school with project deadlines? Zoom meetings with health insurance phone calls? At LMHQ’s November Women’s Breakfast, we hosted a candid conversation with professional women who are grappling with these issues about the lows and highs they’ve experienced over the past 8 months. They shared personal experiences as well as resources to help the community feel better equipped to take on whatever challenges the next days, weeks and months might bring.
Speakers included:
  • Amri Kibbler, Co-Founder, HeyMama
  • Teodora Pavkovic, Psychologist and Parenting Coach
  • Poonam Sharma Mathis, former CEO of Raise
  • Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, Deputy Executive Director of Program, Women’s March
  • Janna Meyrowitz Turner, Founder and President, Style House PR
Poonam Sharma Mathis is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and public speaker with a passion for innovating around the built world. Most recently CEO of Raise, she aimed to revolutionize childcare for the future of work. Previously, she founded StealthForce, (the gig economy of real estate; a resource and project management platform for CRE), which was exited in early 2019. Prior to StealthForce, she was Deputy to the Head of Global Real Estate Asset Management at Partners Group AG ($40 bn AUM), and earlier employee 13 at The Gerson Lehrman Group, which was the world's first institutional expert network.
Teodora Pavkovic is a NY-based psychotherapist, parenting coach, and international speaker who specializes in utilizing principles of emotional intelligence and positive psychology to facilitate digital wellness. She works with children and adults in her private practice, delivers workshops and training in schools and corporate settings, and speaks on expert panels and at conferences around the world. As a member of the Digital Wellness Collective, co-chair of the parenting professionals group at the Children's Screen-Time Action Network and an advisory board member of several educational and mental health organizations, Teodora is committed to helping individuals and groups preserve and protect their wellbeing and relationships in this increasingly digital world.
Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs is a mom, artist, organizer, thought leader, and designer. Tabitha is one of the women who spearheaded the organization of the Women’s March On Washington on January 21st, 2017, helping organize the largest demonstration in response to an election in U.S. history. She currently serves as the Deputy Executive Director of Programs at Women's March. She is the co-founder of Youth Empower, the youth arm of Women's March. Tabitha has led and been an adult ally to several youth initiatives through her work with Youth EMPOWER. She led the Youth EMPOWER team in organizing the Enough! National School Walkouts that saw over 2.1 million students walk out of schools demanding safety in their schools and communities from gun violence, making it the largest decentralized single-day protest in the history of this country. Tabitha coordinated the Youth Ambassador program which saw 31 young people from all over the country recognized for their outstanding activist work.
Janna Meyrowitz Turner is a business strategist, marketing and communications expert, and an angel investor in women and BIPOC-led companies. In 2006 at 23 years old, Janna founded Style House, now an award-winning strategic communications and business development consultancy specializing in female-forward brands on a mission. Over the past 14 years, Style House’s client work has spanned small and indie businesses, globally traded companies (Estee Lauder, Deckers Corp., Global Brands Group), venture-backed startups, and legacy turnarounds including the WNBA. 
This event was sponsored by Verizon.


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