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War Stories from the Trenches: Fundraising for Startups Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges

Date: 10/17/2019

Time: 6:00pm
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Watch Fundraising for Startups Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges
Typically early state startups raise a convertible note from angels followed by Series A, B, C and so forth hoping to continue to seek funding or to have an exit. Early stage fundraising can be very challenging and discouraging as entrepreneurs pound the pavement grinding it out. Impact Capital Form and LMHQ hosted a discussion on the best practices of opening and closing a round from the entrepreneurs who have executed successful fundraising rounds and the VCs that helped make it happen.
Key takeways included:
  • When pitching, it's not always necessary to highlight that you are a social enterprise; focus on how you are the best business.
  • VCs and Angel Investors are not the only avenues for rasing funding-- explore your options.
  • Be helpful! The startup and investor communities are small; investors invest in founders, so it's important to be well-regarded.
  • Leslie Harwell, Managing Partner, Alante Capital 
  • Nat Ware, Founder & CEO, Forte
  • Rachel Renock, CEO & Creative Director, Wethos 
  • Cat Hernandez, Partner, Primary Venture Partners
  • Ariel Yusim, Co-Founder & CIO Recap Investing 
This event was presented in partnership with Impact Capital Forum. Founded in 2003, the Impact Capital Forum (ICF) was previously named the Microfinance Club of New York (MFCNY). The original mission was to serve as the leading forum for the free exchange of information and ideas about microfinance. Since then they have expanded their scope to address all aspects of financial capital, human capital, technology and natural resources that benefit the world through the lens of financial services.

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