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Speak with Influence and Advocate for Yourself

Date: 03/24/2021

Time: 12:00pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,
Fee: $20

In this interactive workshop, Jen Jamula of GoldJam Creative will helped particpants improve their presentation skills by practicing ways to engage a variety of audiences remotely, and with impact. Participants learned how to emotionally affect and influence listeners, as studies show that people make decisions based on feeling rather than fact. Jen taught the group how to deliver presentations with charisma, reinventing even the driest, most jargon-filled text into engaging, persuasive and listenable speech. She also discussed the communication techniques necessary to navigate professional environments assertively and speak up for yourself to advocate for wants and needs in a workplace.
In this workshop, particpants:
  • Honed the ability to engage an audience by reading the room, using creative thinking and tactics of persuasion, and speaking with intention
  • Tackled delivering messages in a way that motivates colleagues to action
  • Practiced impactful delivery in a fun, supportive environment
  • Developed communication techniques to amplify voice and communicate confidence, overcome imposter syndrome and speak assertively about wants and needs
  • Responded to microaggressions with confidence and tact, using established strategies as well as phrases that feel comfortable and appropriate to each individual
  • Vouched for fellow colleagues
About Our Facilitator:
Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg are creative directors of GoldJam Creative, a company dedicated to exploring behavior and identity in the Digital Age. The duo pairs their background in performance with extensive research and on-the-ground experience to build creative recommendations, detailed curricula, and fun, interactive learning experiences. 
As artists, Jen and Alli were featured on the cover of Time Out NY, which ranked them among the top 10 funniest women in NYC, and their projects have been recognized by Good Morning America, NPR, Newsweek, Vice, and the Huffington Post. They’ve consulted for keynote speakers, created comedic content for brands including the Guardian and Time Out NY, and served as creative consultants to individuals and brands. 


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