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Relieving Anxiety with the Emotional Freedom Technique

Date: 09/16/2020

Time: 12:00pm
Where: LMHQ, ,

Watch Relieving Anxiety with the Emotional Freedom Technique
Even though it can seem challenging in uncertain times, you can loosen the grip of fearful, anxious thought patterns. In this workshop, participants discovered how EFT can help you to clear mental and emotional blocks that have stopped you from making progress on your goals! If you’ve been feeling frustrated, unfocused, or worried, this introductory session will help you develop a personal tapping practice. Participants learned to reduce their stress and re-write limiting beliefs about their abilities to succeed in work, money, and relationships.
Colette’s Bio:
Colette Ellis is a certified Stress Management coach and practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping). As the founder of Start Within Coaching, she offers individual coaching and group workshops focused on EFT, mindfulness, and resilience. Her personal mission is to support women of color to heal from collective, historical, and personal trauma. In addition to hosting the Start Within Podcast, her wellness tips and advice have also been featured in Thrive Global, Real Simple Magazine, Small Business Chronicle, and Daily Burn.
About Start Within Coaching:
Start Within Coaching offers Black, Indigenous, and other people of color culturally-competent wellness services focused on self-care and mindfulness to help accelerate their healing. Our goal is to create safe spaces for honest, healing conversations. We will support you to feel a sense of worthiness, to know that your dreams, your health, and your life matters.

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