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Mastering Your Personal Leadership Skills

Date: 10/30/2019

Time: 6:00pm
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Leadership is a skill that is developed at all career levels. Identifying a personal leadership profile provides the foundation from which individuals can address challenging issues with effective self-awareness on a team, company, or industry level.
Taking cues from the Bard MBA program’s Sustainable Leadership curriculum, this session encouraged participants to incorporate their values, vision, and leadership styles into their work to build confidence as high performing individuals and change-makers.
Group discussions, small group activities and individual reflections lead to the formation of a personal leadership profile.
  • Articulated goals around personal and professional leadership
  • Reflected on the role of Vision and Values in leadership
  • Articulated 1-2 leadership challenges that might prevent goals from being achieved
  • Developed strategies to address challenges

Moderator: Gilles Mesrobian

This workshop was presented in collaboration with the Bard MBA in Sustainability Program. The Bard MBA in Sustainability is a hybrid MBA program that fully embeds sustainability into a core business curriculum. It meets once-monthly over a four day weekend at LMHQ with online classes in between. Information at
Gilles Mesrobian is on the faculty of Bard College's MBA in Sustainability and is also a Senior Associate at the Support Center for Nonprofit Management/Partners in Philanthropy. At Bard, Gilles teaches Personal Leadership Development working with MBA students to develops leadership competencies utilizing a personal mastery approach. Each student creates and executes a personal leadership development plan focused around a subset emotional intelligence leadership competencies, such as initiative, self-control, catalyzing change, influence, teamwork and collaboration. His professional credentials include over 26 years senior management experience in the non-profit arena, with nearly 20 years as an Executive Director. His consulting experience covers a broad range of organizational work in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, including executive leadership transition, organizational assessment, executive search, strategic planning and leadership development. In addition to his consulting work, Gilles facilitates several leadership training programs including the Support Center’s Trajectory Leadership Program, a yearlong cohort-learning program for CEOs and Executive Directors, as well as the CT Council of Family Service Agency’s yearlong leadership program, both funded through the American Express Leadership Institute.



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