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LMHQ x HarperCollins: Fireside Chat: Cultivating Aesthetic Intelligence with Pauline Brown and Melissa Dalrymple

Date: 12/05/2019

Time: 6:30pm
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Watch Aesthetic Intelligence with Pauline Brown and Melissa Dalrymple
“Millennial pink”. The rise of San Serif. The comforting same-ness of a Starbucks in Miami or Madrid. The myriad ways consumers experience a brand can have a lasting impact. For more than 25 years, Pauline Brown has acquired, built, and led some of the world’s most influential global luxury brands. Along the way, she discovered that applying the principles of aesthetics to business could be a key to unlocking financial value and securing long-term competitive advantage.
This event featured Pauline in conversation with McKinsey & Company Partner Melissa Dalrymple. Pauline and Melissa discussed her new book, Aesthetic Intelligence, and helped the audience learn how to tap into and harness their senses to create products and services that delight customers, differentiate brands, and build businesses that last.

Key takeaways included:
  • In the fourth industrial revolution, are we creating or just transacting? It's important to put value into the industries that actually create and endure. 
  • Aesthetics are similar to invisible design: you don't realize what's there until it is not longer there.
  • We're in a diseconomy of scale: the more "mass" a product is, the less desireable it is.
  • Sustainable growth shoudl be valued more than high growth.
  • Aesthetics will endure because humans are always looking for ways to enhanceour wellbeing and express it.
More about our speakers:
Pauline Brown served as the chairman of North America for the world’s leading luxury goods company, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, where she provided regional leadership for some 70 brands in five sectors. Prior to LVMH, Pauline was a partner at the world’s leading private equity firm, The Carlyle Group, where she specialized in buyouts in the consumer and retail sectors. Earlier in her career, she held senior executive positions at leading global cosmetics companies, including Estée Lauder and Avon. In 2016, Pauline left the corporate arena for academia, joining the faculty of the Harvard Business School, where she designed and taught a new interdisciplinary course called “The Business of Aesthetics.” She currently is an Executive in Residence at Columbia Business School. In addition to writing and lecturing, Brown hosts Tastemakers, a weekly lifestyle show on SiriusXM, and she serves on several corporate boards. Since 2008, Pauline has been a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute, and, in 2013, she joined the board of the Henry Crown Program. She also currently sits on the board of the Parsons School of Design and previously served on the boards of the National Retail Federation, Cosmetic Executive Women and Fashion Group International. She received an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA from Dartmouth College and is a member of Wharton’s Executive Alumni Board. She lives in New York along with her two children.
Melissa Dalrymple has spent her career focused at the intersection of design thinking and business, with a strong focus on customer experience and innovation. She was previously on leadership teams at IDEO, Doblin, and Rockwell Group, working in the United States and Europe for clients in retail, hospitality, and digital education. At McKinsey, Melissa leads design teams that tightly integrate with overarching client strategy. Her work helps executives determine how to focus their investments and be more user-centric across channels, frequently while executing broader digital and customer experience transformations. She spends much of her time advocating for the value of design, helping organizations take a wider view of the strategic role that discipline can play in modernizing corporate behaviors to be more responsive to the people they serve. Examples of Melissa’s recent client work include the following:
  • Helping a cruise line rethink the end-to-end cruising experience and create a portfolio of new spaces and experiences for a new generation of cruisers, using advanced analytics and human-centered design methods to prioritize investments and drive innovation
  • Executing a digital transformation at a top hospitality company, focusing on redesigning online channels to outpace the competition while reshaping the business on the basis of future-facing customer insights
  • Creating a customer-centric focus for a leading insurance firm, helping them move from a product focus to a customer-experience orientation around financial wellness, while redesigning the experience across B2B2C channels
Previously based in London and New York, Melissa now works in Chicago. A graduate of Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Yale, Melissa was an 11-time Ivy League record holder in swimming.

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