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LMHQ Women’s Breakfast: Pathways to Sustainability in Fashion

Date: 11/13/2019

Time: 8:30am
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Watch Pathways to Sustainability in Fashion
Fashion companies are not implementing sustainable solutions fast enough to counterbalance the negative environmental and social impacts of its rapidly growing industry, and, according to a 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, if the industry continues on its current path, by 2050 it could use more than 26 percent of the total global carbon budget.
At LMHQ’s November Women’s Breakfast, we heard from the women leading the charge to bring sustainability to the fashion industry and learned how to incorporate the principles of sustainable consumption into your everyday life. Key takeaways included:
  • Why should we care about the negative consequences of fast fashion? Cheap dyes and materials mean more waste; insufficient waste management systems and their consequences disproportionately impact black and indigenous communities of color.
  • Fast fashion is a product of knockoff culture; knockoff culture is a direct result of luxury culture. Luxury culture, by virtue of its exclusivity, feeds into a culture of consumption.
  • What is the antidote? Consume good stuff, not too much, mostly reclaimed, care for it and pass it on.
  • The amount of residential textile waste produced in NYC is 14 times the weight of the Brooklyn Bridge; the amount of commericial textile waste is 40 times that amount.
  • Retail companies such as Eileen Fisher are taking a close look at how to build fully sustainable supply chain processes, focusing on efforts to reduce waste in materials, color, resrouces, mapping and reuse.
Speakers included:
Sandra Goldmark, Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action, Barnard College; Founder, FIXUP
Whitney McGuire, Co-Founder, Sustainable Brooklyn
Camille Tagle, Co-Founder and Director of Reuse, FABSCRAP
Nina Tschinkel, Design Manager at Eileen Fisher, Inc
Moderator: Richa Agarwal, Founder, Global Shokunin


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