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LMHQ Women’s Breakfast: The Newsletter Comeback

Date: 02/20/2020

Time: 8:30am
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Watch The Newsletter Comeback
It’s the age of social media — or is it? In recent years, the newsletter has been revived as a key strategy for building a large and loyal following, and some publishers are seeing their newsletter audiences grow at an exponential rate. From independent newsletters that cover grassroots action and politics to curated big media blasts from some of the largest publishers, this medium is really reaching people — without manipulating a social media algorithm. The self-publishing and monetizing newsletter platform Substack has received $15.3 million in VC funding, a testament to how the newsletter may start to really bring in revenue for publishers.
At LMHQ’s February Women’s Breakfast, the journalists and editors at the top of this game will discussed all things newsletter, from outlining how-tos and best practices to how the newsletter has changed the way writers and publications engage with their audiences. Key takeaways included:
  • How do you get started? Just start! Create what you want to see in your inbox that doesn't currently exist. Someone will like it!
  • Regularly scheduled emails can help set expectations and built reader habits, but no need to stress (or apologize!) if you miss one.
  • Monetization is a challenge: how do you begin charging without losing readers or receiving pushback? There is a lot of trial and error.
  • Larger media companies are shifting to newsletters for a more intimate connection with readers. It is a key strategy for customer conversion.
  • Some media companies see newsletters and as a delivery platform for existing content, while others view it as a completley separate editorial product.
  • The best newsletters have their own "voice" and are personal-- it's a good way to build upon the "intimacy of the inbox"
Speakers included:
Nisha Chittal, Engagement Editor,, Nisha's Internet Tote Bag
Jessanne Collins, Director of Newsletters, The New Yorker
Maya Kosoff, pithy outcomes
Edith Zimmerman, Drawing Links


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