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Innovation 101: Accelerating Innovative Thinking

Date: 11/09/2021

Time: 6:00pm
Where: LMHQ, New York NY

Watch Innovation 101: Accelerating Innovative Thinking

Burnout is real, especially after the many months of monotony we’ve endured in the past year. But for many of us, creativity and innovation are critical to our professional success. How do we encourage the constant generation of new ideas, even when our brains need rest?

Luckily for us, innovation is not a moment of sudden, triumphant discovery, inspiration, or insight. It is part of a process that can be consciously detonated in a structured way, and Edwin Garcia of RedBox Innovation told us how to do just that. 
In this workshop, Edwin took participants through the basic principles of innovation, including:
  • The concept of innovation
  • The different layers of innovation
  • The main elements to achieve innovation
Edwin also covered the fundamentals of inspiration, including:
  • A working definition of inspiration
  • The idea that “everything is a remix”
  • Strategies to spark inspiration
About Our Speaker:
Edwin Garcia leads RedBox Innovation’s US office, a one of kind Inspiration Agency. RedBox creates ideas that transform industries, categories, consumers and the world. In 2019 he worked as a Senior Manager of Business Development and Strategy in WeWork's ground-up buildings division led by Bjarke Ingels and Michel Rojkind. He co-founded Beta Studio, a company that believes in making ideas happen which later was acquired by RedBox.
For more than 8 years Edwin worked as an Innovation Consultant at RedBox Innovation Mexico. He holds an Executive MBA from Berlin School of Creative Leadership, courses in advanced design at the Art Center College of Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Iberoamericana.
About RedBox
We believe in inspiration as a massive agent of change in business. At RedBox we can help design and implement your ideal future by leveraging the science of inspiration. One common goal: Create ideas that transform industries, categories, consumers and the world. Create something that matters.

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