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Inclusive human-centered design: Designing diversity, equity, and inclusion into your organization

Date: 03/05/2019

Time: 10:00am
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, New York NY
Fee: $75

Join our friends from Weav for a workshop titled "Inclusive human-centered design: Designing diversity, equity, and inclusion into your organization", hosted here at LMHQ.
Human-centered design is a design and management framework that involves the input and experiences of impacted humans in all steps of a problem-solving process. Put simply, the people closest to the problem you’re trying to solve are the best equipped with the knowledge and experience to design the solutions.
While incredibly important, practicing inclusive human-centered design for internal policies and practices within an organization can be time-consuming and difficult to execute well. Many organizations aren’t sure how and when to include various levels of staff, especially when there may be competing needs or interests between leadership teams, programs, and priorities. Oftentimes, those with less power in an organization are left out of design processes altogether. This results in organizational policies that lack buy-in from groups of staff, usually further exacerbating tension in leadership and staff morale.
Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn about inclusive human-centered design and how to involve all levels of staff and leverage various tools to develop equitable and inclusive organizational policies and strategies into their organization. The workshop will model inclusive human-centered design practices and is open to all nonprofit professionals regardless of role including, but not limited to, program staff, administrative staff, board members, and executives. Folks are encouraged to either attend on their own or with their colleagues.
The workshop will be facilitated by Weav Studio founding partners Erika Strong & Mel Peterson. The building is wheelchair accessible, but if you have any other accessibility needs please feel free to contact us at
Time: 4-hours
Plant-based breakfast, snacks and caffeinated beverages will be provided.
About Weav Studio
Weav Studio is a QPOC & women-owned business and worker cooperative. We are a systems design studio that helps organizations working towards equity and justice do good, well. We think of wellness both in terms how organizations serve their clients in a way that’s appropriate and inclusive of them and how policies and culture support staff’s ability to do their work well and to be well in their roles. We facilitate an equitable and inclusive strategy and design process with groups looking to create spaces, strategies, programs and organizations that embrace and honor our humanity.


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