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Hit Reset: Preventing Screen Fatigue While Staying Connected

Date: 10/20/2020

Time: 12:00pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

Watch Hit Reset: Preventing Screen Fatigue While Staying Connected
Are you feeling burned out from Zoom meetings or overwhelmed by the number of IG Live fitness classes? Are your digital habits making you feel even more disconnected? Research says that people generally spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20% of smartphone users spending upwards of four and a half hours, according to RescueTime. And that was before the pandemic. Now, between lockdowns and quarantine, time spent on screens is on the rise — and so is our craving for human connection.
Many of us gravitate toward mindless activities like scrolling through social media or binging on Netflix. If we do, we quickly realize that those pastimes don't fill the void we are desperately craving. What we really need are mindful activities to keep us connected — both to ourselves and to the world around us. In this workshop, digital wellness coach Liana Pavane will helped participants discover how to leverage technology to their advantage to fight screen fatigue while staying connected. From digital wellness tricks to healthy daily habits to productivity tips, the webinar discussed how to reset your lifestyle in an always-on world. 
About Our Speaker:
Liana Pavane is a digital wellness coach and founder of TTYL,a tech-free community dedicated to human connection. Liana founded TTYL in 2018 to help people have a healthier relationship with technology and social media. Since launching, she has been featured in Thrillist, Time Out, Thrive Global, NY1, The Mind’s Journal, Darling Magazine and more for her work in digital wellness. As a professional community builder, Liana believes in the power of unplugging and living in the present moment. Her tech-free events have been hosted at prominent spaces such as Athleta, Showfields, The Assemblage, Freehold, The Flower Shop and Tijuana Picnic. When she’s not hosting TTYL events, Liana coaches clients on how to put down their phones and pick up their lives. As a born-and-raised New Yorker, Liana grew up in the city and studied theater at Ithaca College. In her free time, you can find Liana networking with like-minded people or finding joy away from her phone.
TTYL is a tech-free community dedicated to human connection. Our community's mission is to help people embrace a healthier relationship with technology. At TTYL, we provide a space for you to free yourself from the world's distractions as well as free your kid at heart. Imagine a space where nobody cares what you look like because nothing is being documented—that’s what TTYL delivers through a series of mindfully-curated events. Without your phone, you worry less about the superficial aspects of life and become much more engaged with what's going on in the present. Unlike other social clubs, TTYL encourages both individual reflection as well as social engagement. We actively encourage you to be present, to let loose and to truly be yourself. Our events have been popping up all around NYC at prominent spaces like Athleta, Showfields, The Assemblage, Freehold, The Flower Shop, and Tijuana Picnic. TTYL has even been featured on major publications such as Thrillist, Time Out, NY1, Bedford + Bowery, and Untapped Cities. Our events are inclusive to everyone—whether you're looking to make a new friend or are simply looking for a playful release. Connect with TTYL's growing community on Instagram (@ttylnyc), or attend an event to embrace a healthier relationship with technology IRL.

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