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Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking

Date: 09/14/2021

Time: 12:30pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

76% of people report having a fear of public speaking...and we’re under the impression the other 24% are just covering it up! 
In this workshop, Public Speaking Coach, Mark Bedard, gave participants the practical physical and mental hacks needed to present confidently and joyously in front of any audience, live or via Zoom. He led participants through exercises to engage their bodies and voices to turn the fear of public speaking into excitement.
A few tips and tricks:
  • Slow your heartbeat with breathing
  • Stretch your spine to effortlessly improve your posture
  • If we can’t see your hands, psychologists say, your listener may think you’re hiding something. Help us build trust by letting your hands be a part of the ZOOM conversation.

About Our Speaker:

Mark Bedard is a theatrical storyteller with years of experience navigating and poking the public eye. As a coach, his work has ranged from interview prep to camera work to monologue coaching. Mark has taught countless workshops, prologues, and school-visit programs. And guess what — he wrote and performed in his own adaptation of The Marx Brothers musical The Cocoanuts, the Daedalus AIDS Benefit, and School-Visit Program presentations. As a professional actor, he has appeared on stages across the country and more recently onscreen (Evil, Madam Secretary, The Good Fight, Instinct, The Knick.)

Mark's website:

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Fearless Communications is a public speaking agency. They work with thought leaders, business owners, and changemakers on what they say and how they say it. They are committed to providing the tools to lead with courage. 



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