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Facebook's Libra: Where is it Now?

Date: 05/19/2020

Time: 12:00pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

Watch Facebook's Libra: Where is it Now?
In October 2019, a panel of experts and LMHQ’s community came together to discuss Libra, a blockchain digital currency proposed by Facebook. What are its pros? What are its cons? How viable will it be? The conversation touched upon concerns about antitrust law, money-laundering and cybersecurity. Despite the coin’s potential to transform the circulatory system of the global economy, many people in our audience remained unconvinced about its ability to launch.
So where are we now? With Libra’s release date continually being pushed back and major companies pulling out of the Libra Association, the future of this currency is uncertain. Our expert panelist discussed the pros and cons of Libra's latest whitepaper, including privacy concerns and global adoption, before weighing in on whether or not Libra will ever become a reality of the future.
Speakers included:
  • Jalak Jobanputra, Founder & Managing Partner, Future\Perfect Ventures
  • Angela Dalton, Founder & CEO, Signum Growth Capital
  • Joyce Lai, Legal and Technology, ConsenSys
  • Cathy Yoon, Special Counsel, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

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