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Ethical Storytelling: Unpacking the Anti-Oppression Toolkit for Creators

Date: 01/25/2021

Time: 12:00pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

Watch Ethical Storytelling: Unpacking the Anti-Oppression Toolkit for Creators
Maybe you’re a blogger. Maybe you’re an influencer. Maybe you’re a guidebook author, a freelancer, a journalist. Maybe you spend your days shooting photos or video. Maybe you’ve made a business out of your love of travel. Maybe you want to. Basically, if you move and you make, this workshop is for you. 
Wanderful, a global lifestyle brand and community that helps all women travel the world, has put together the Anti-Oppression Toolkit for Creators to provide educational resources and actionable steps on how we can all be ethical storytellers working for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world for people across all intersections of identity. 
As creators in positions of relative power, we have a responsibility to use our platform to amplify historically and currently underrepresented voices and stories that we encounter. We can also leverage our influence to pressure brands that we work with to adopt diverse, equitable and inclusive practices. Most importantly, we have the power to help level the playing field and work towards anti-oppression in our respective industries. 
In this workshop with Wanderful’s Communications Director, Justine Abigail Yu, paricipants learned how to to think critically and with an anti-oppression lens. Justine showed the audience how to level up their work with inclusive language and responsible photography. They examined specific case studies and reviewed best practices. 
Key takeaways: 
  • Unpack the power dynamics in the images and language we use to promote our products and services. Understand why this matters.
  • Cut the lip service! Walk the walk on diversity and representation. 
  • Harness our power as creators to promote ethical stories 
  • Level up your creator work and make it anti-oppressive! Take home Wanderful’s Anti-Oppression Toolkit full of actionable steps to create more compelling videos, write unique and nuanced copy, and take powerful photos. 
About Our Speaker:
Justine Abigail Yu (she/her) is a communications and marketing strategist who has worked with organizations operating in North America, Central America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Her expertise lies in growing enterprises from the ground up through strategic digital marketing, compelling storytelling, and genuine community engagement through a lens of anti-oppression. 
She is the Communications Director at Wanderful – a global travel and lifestyle brand that specializes in helping all women travel the world – as well as the Senior Advisor for RISE Travel Institute – a non-profit organization that promotes responsible, sustainable, and ethical travel through education. Justine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Living Hyphen, an emerging magazine that explores the experiences of living in between cultures as a hyphenated Canadian – that is, an individual who calls Canada home but who has roots elsewhere. 
Her work has been featured on national and local media outlets including Yahoo! News, NextShark, CTV National News, and the CBC.
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