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Building Your Project Management Toolkit

Date: 09/29/2021

Time: 12:30pm
Where: LMHQ, Virtual,

Watch: Building Your Project Management Toolkit

We all want to be more productive and crush our professional goals, but sometimes that takes a bit of extra support. 

We’ve all had those days where your to-do list seems to increase rather than decrease, or you look up from back-to-back meetings to find that it’s 5 p.m. and you have yet to tackle a single agenda item. That’s where project management tools come in.
In this workshop, Julia Kim, a certified consultant for Verbena Labs, helped participants identify the must-have features they needed in their project management software (and if they needed the software all). Julia taught participants how to do a high-level evaluation of a project management software and provided a quick tour of the top five project management tools. If you're curious about getting started with a project management system, this is the workshop for you!

About Our Speaker:

Julia Kim is a certified consultant for Verbena Labs. She helps innovative startups drive revenue growth by getting products in front of customers faster. Julia specializes in employing technologies like AI to create responsive, seamless processes and executing go-to-market strategies for growing companies. Using project management tools is a critical part of how Julia delivers big and small projects on time. She has led GTM operations for four successful acquisitions to date by utilizing technology to free up resources to focus on mission-critical tasks and priorities.

In addition to her consulting work, Julia is an adjunct instructor through the School of Engineering, Columbia University, and advises a number of startups in the FinTech space.

You can find Julia Kim on Twitter at @juliajuleskim.

About Verbena Labs

Verbena Labs helps startups scale through Revenue Operations and supports growth through operations management, sales enablement, data insights, and the integration of tools within the RevOps tech stack, like CRMs.


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