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Behind the Creative Curtain with SYPartners

Date: 03/05/2019

Time: 6:00pm
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, New York NY
Fee: $15

Join us at LMHQ for our Behind the Creative Curtain series, where we invite a creative brand to do a deep dive for our audience of creative professionals about a core aspect of the company's DNA. This time, we are featuring business strategy and innovative consulting company SYPartners. In a world of constant disruption and unrelenting change, what it means to lead is fundamentally changing. Leaders can no longer manage what is known—they have to lead into and through ambiguity with the courage to think and act boldly. 
Transformation consultant SYPartners has identified many fundamental traits that the most visionary leaders they've worked with over the past 25 years possess. This immersive workshop session will focus on activating your creativity as a leader. 
SYPartners will walk the audience through the creativity that leaders at Starbucks exhibiting during the design of an anti-bias training conducted in stores across North America. Attendees will be led through an exercise about imagining and prototyping a path forward.
Julia Steele oversees brand reputation at SYPartners, an consultancy which helps business leaders through transform. Julia began her career doing brand strategy and experience design at game-changing internet brands Gawker Media and Tumblr before launching her own media brand—Ratter—which set out to revive local news for the internet.
About SYPartners:
SYPartners helps human beings, organizations, and societies build the capability to become fuller and more vibrant versions of themselves—so they can constantly transform and have a positive impact in the world.
For more than 20 years, they've worked with executive teams at some of the world’s most influential companies, including Starbucks, IBM, Facebook, Apple, Nike, Target Corporation, Planned Parenthood, and AARP, and alongside leaders tackling the toughest issues of our time—education, diversity, health care, gender equality. In addition to our consulting practice, they develop products and tools that help individuals and teams unlock their full potential.
SYPartners is based in San Francisco and New York, and are a founding member of kyu, a collective of best-in-class creative firms.