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Behind the Creative Curtain: How Etsy is Leading E-Commerce on Climate Change

Date: 01/30/2020

Time: 6:00pm
Where: LMHQ, 150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York NY

Watch Behind the Creative Curtain with Etsy
In 2019, Etsy became the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping. Now, every time an item is purchased on Etsy, the company balances out the carbon emissions by creating positive environmental impact. When Etsy moved to reduce their carbon footprint, they discovered that 98% of their emissions come from shipping— a process which they do not control. Despite this challenge, Etsy developed a low-cost strategy to offset the emissions from every item shipped through it’s platform - a true revolution in the e-commerce industry.
At LMHQ's Janaury Behind the Creative Curtain, the audience heard from the Etsy team about how they arrived at this climate solution and then executed on this endeavor. Key takeaways included:
  • It's important to have buy-in from leaders at all levels; the best way to get leaders on board is to conduct and present them with research
  • Figure out your company's carbon emissions and figure out how best to offset them-- many options, all with differing costs
  • Find a way to explain the problem without depressing people into inaction
  • Make a bold marketing move: on launch day, offset the carbon emissions of all e-commerce platforms in the United States
  • Small nudges (i.e. language at check-out) can have a big impact
Speakers include:
  • Chelsea Mozen, Director of Sustainability, Etsy
  • Lindsay Vellines, Integrated Marketing Manager, Etsy
The event was presented in collaboration with the Bard MBA in Sustainability Program. The Bard MBA in Sustainability is a hybrid MBA program that fully embeds sustainability into a core business curriculum. It meets once-monthly over a four day weekend at LMHQ with online classes in between. Information at


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