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What You'll See On Your Commute: Best Ways To Get To LMHQ

Date: 06/07/2021
A return to the office looms with so many questions: Where are you going to get lunch now? What’s the best outdoor spot for happy hour? And, most importantly, what is your commute going to look like? 
There are many ways to get to LMHQ. You can walk, bike, take the subway, ferry, or even a PATH train. Centrally located in Lower Manhattan, we have something for every type of commuter, whether you want to get some exercise on your way in or just relax and read a book. Sweeping views of the New York skyline, quiet time and early morning workouts - see what it’s like to come Downtown.


Daria Siegel, LMHQ Director and bike commuter

What I see on my commute
While I was always a city biker, I didn't start bike commuting until last year, and I'm never going back! (Well, unless it rains.) I get to cruise through no fewer than five Brooklyn neighborhoods before reaching the Brooklyn Bridge. I love taking in the sites, seeing what restaurants are open or reopening, and getting my exercise in, all before 9am! Plus, those early-morning city and harbor views truly can't be beat and help me fall in love with New York City over and over again.


Elissa Verrilli, LMHQ's Director of Programs and Partnerships and PATH commuter

What I see on my commute
Taking the PATH is a quick and easy way to commute to LMHQ. If I can get a seat, I love to read a few chapters in my latest book. If I can't get a seat, I catch up on my favorite podcasts. Seeing the murals outside of the World Trade Center stop always brightens my day, and from there it's just a quick three-minute stroll over to LMHQ. And, if I have a little extra time, I might include a stop at Blue Bottle Coffee!


Jihan Johashen, LMHQ's Meeting and Events Coordinator and subway commuter

What I see on my commute
My commute to LMHQ is full of old and new New York. With my favorite podcast or ebook playing I get to take in classic city architecture, vibrant graffiti, subway art and new buildings that stick out from the rest. I get to pass by the historic Cypress Hill Cemetery and see its beautiful greenery. My route reminds me that New York is ever changing and staying the same.


Jarrod Grim, Director of Research, Economic Development at Downtown Alliance and scooter commuter

What I see on my commute
Before I got my scooter last summer, I commuted to the office via subway. Now, in the same commute time, I take in fresh air while travelling to the office — making commuting, dare I say it, fun. I'm able to rent my scooter monthly, so I can keep it for the warm weather and return it in the winter months. The best part? My scooter folds in half, so I can easily carry it in the elevator and up to the 20th floor at LMHQ.


Ulla Lonnberg, Digital Communications Manager, LMHQ and ferry commuter

What I see on my commute
Is there anything better than taking a ferry ride along the Manhattan Island? The rush of the FDR Drive, the beauty of the UN campus, the calm readiness of NYU Langone - for half an hour, you’re an observer, not a participant. And then, the ferry rounds the Stuy Town corner and here it is: the incredible skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty in all its beauty. Looking for inspiration and Instagram-worthy shots? Take the ferry to Lower Manhattan!
Intrigued? It’s time to get out and explore - especially if it will also get you to your destination. We are located at 150 Broadway, New York, NY 10038 - put this in your maps, and see what’s the best way to get to LMHQ for you!