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What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Return To Work

Date: 05/04/2021
None of us could have ever imagined being away from the office this long, but now, as things are starting to reopen, it’s hard to imagine how to go back.  
The shift can be intimidating. At LMHQ, we returned to the space back in July and have learned a thing or two about readjusting to the workplace during Covid. It’s natural to be a bit nervous, but we’re here to put you at ease. We’ll walk you through what to expect so you can breathe a bit easier when the day comes. 

1. Things will look different but will still feel the same. With social-distancing measures in place, everyone masked up and arrows directing the office foot traffic, there's no question that the changes might seem dramatic. But the energy between you and your colleagues is what brings the space to life. Daily interactions at the elevator lobby and in the break room will still be safely happening, and that’s key to helping cultivate a healthy office environment. 


2. Dropping right back to a five-day in-office workweek is difficult to imagine. Likely, you won’t have to. Most workspaces understand that's a huge shift, and have recognized that flexible and remote work options are the future. You should anticipate a more flexible schedule that will both help you ease back into being in the space. 


3. Your work neighborhood, unfortunately, will have changed. It’s heartbreaking to discover that your favorite local lunch spot has closed. At LMHQ, we compiled a list of the local businesses open in the area — for our members to become reaccustomed to the area, and drive some business into the hands of the local restaurants and shops that need it most.  


4. Find new ways of commuting. A return to the subway’s morning rush hour might make your heart race; fortunately, the city offers numerous ways to commute and mix up your routine. Some office buildings now offer easier ways to secure your bicycle with bike rooms and expanded freight hours. Citi Bike has expanded throughout the five boroughs, and the ferry is a reliable and breezy commute.


5. Work-life balance. Going to the office even just a few days a week is a refreshing change of pace and will help you appreciate that couch you’ve called your workstation for the past year.

We get it, this change may be hard. We’re all in this together and with open communication and empathy, the return to work can be made easier. At LMHQ, we’ve been so thankful to our office and our community to have maintained so many connections this past year. Once you head back, we know you’ll feel it too.