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How To Stay Involved Downtown During The Pandemic

Date: 11/10/2020


As your Lower Manhattan neighbors, we know as well as anyone how important the Downtown New York community can be. For folks like us — and for our partners at the Downtown Alliance, who have been a part of this community for years — we also know how hard it is for Downtown workers who are currently working from home to be away from the neighborhood for this long. 


From the historic landmarks and the narrow streets to the local cafe and lunchtime waterfront walks, there’s an unmatched energy and spirit here, and though the COVID-19-fighting measures that kept us home for months helped keep us safe, being separated from the Downtown community and workday routines has been difficult.

One of our main objectives at LMHQ is to facilitate connection, and we know how to keep the local collaboration flowing through these unprecedented times. If you’re missing the Lower Manhattan community, or any other local community you’re yearning to reconnect with in this isolating moment, we’ve got some advice to help you feel more in touch. 

  • Look to your local BID or other neighborhood community groups to see if they’re hosting any virtual programming or spreading the word about other local events. Virtual speaker series, workshops, webinars,and other events are great ways to support local businesses, since many are either free or donation-based and they add some much-needed visibility to organizations that might be struggling. And they’re also great (and entertaining) ways to stay engaged with the local community while learning something new.
  • Staying connected virtually is essential right now, whether you’re doing so by using apps, Slack channels, Zoom happy hours, or social media platforms. Being a part of a virtual community helps you network and meet people who can help amplify your business. Plus, it creates social connections that will serve as an emotional support system when you’re feeling isolated. 
  • If you no longer have a physical footprint downtown and miss the vibe, there are spaces you can use on an ad-hoc basis in the neighborhood to help you maintain a physical presence. LMHQ is one such space — we offer meeting room rentals and day passes for folks who want to cowork downtown, and we’ve got lots of COVID-19 upgrades in place to keep you safe and healthy while you do it. It’s a great way to reacclimate yourself to working outside your apartment, plus it’s comforting to be back in the neighborhood your team has called home for so long. 

We know it can be disorienting to be taken out of your normal routine for this long, to no longer be walking the same blocks you walked every day, to no longer having the opportunity to chat with the bodega workers and coffee cart vendors that once felt like family. But there are still plenty of ways to feel connected! And although things might be a little different right now, you’ll always be a part of the Downtown community. Staying involved will make that all the more evident.

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