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How To Make 2021 A Money-Saving Year For Operations

Date: 01/26/2021
In the working world, there’s one thing that seems to never stop going up — and that's costs. 
As every Office Manager knows, the operations costs of running an office can be immense and require far more leg work than you anticipate. It’s imperative that your team works as a well-oiled machine to stay productive. That’s extra-tough in a pandemic working world, with more companies and organizations ditching their office-space leases for a more hub-and-spoke model. Keeping everyone on the same page means there are lots of logistics to manage and hidden fees that can come out of nowhere. 


Luckily, there are ways to reduce both the costs and the time sunk into ensuring everyone has what they need. Spaces like LMHQ can help take over some of those logistical nightmares and keep your costs low so you can allocate resources elsewhere. As a nonprofit workspace dedicated to helping folks find affordable solutions, we know a thing or two about saving money, time and resources. 
Let’s dig in:
  • The saying, “time is money” has got a lot of truth to it. Make sure that your operations are running smoothly before folks begin their day. If your team members are struggling to find the meeting space you booked for the day or need to get up an hour earlier just to accommodate a longer commute, you’re already operating at a loss. Make sure that your spaces are centrally located and easy to get to. You’ll spend less time helping a colleague who can’t find their way, plus your team can breathe easier knowing that they know where they’re going, and that they may have an extra second to grab some coffee on the way into the big meeting. 


  • As with everything, connection is key. Being the middle-person takes up a lot of time. Make sure that your team can be as independent as possible. Ensure they can book meeting rooms directly through the space provider, and that they know where to go when they need a polycom. If you can communicate this to them early on, team members will know that they have what they need when they need it, leaving you room to focus on bigger projects. 


  • Things are a lot easier when you know you have a dedicated point person on the other side. Make sure that any space provider you are working with has someone available to assist your team. Make sure your team knows who to go to when they need more coffee or if they’re having IT trouble. With help onsite at no additional cost, you can share some of the problem-solving burden with someone else while ensuring your team feels supported. 
It’s hard to leave your own office, but the benefits of an operations team in a shared workspace can be monumental. You’ll have access to a whole team that can help run the day-to-day stuff, without having to spend the additional time or money to help support it. Give your team, and yourself, the gift of having some extra hands at no additional cost, and leave the troubleshooting to spaces that dedicate themselves to it on a daily basis.