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Not only will New Yorkers be voting for the next mayor, comptroller, and city council members in the upcoming election, but five amendments to the state Constitution are also on the ballot — and they could take effect as soon as...
  While we’re starting to pack up our beach chairs and eat the last of our zucchini hauls, LMHQ is excited to kick off our fall programming season!   
  With new CDC guidance and New York City reopening, LMHQ is adjusting its mask policy so that you can spend the day getting productive, without wearing a mask!   
  A return to the office looms with so many questions: Where are you going to get lunch now? What’s the best outdoor spot for happy hour? And, most importantly, what is your commute going to look like?   
  None of us could have ever imagined being away from the office this long, but now, as things are starting to reopen, it’s hard to imagine how to go back.     The shift can be intimidating. At LMHQ, we returned to the space back in...
  Networking was enough of a challenge even before the workplace had to adjust to a global pandemic. But now, in an age of Covid and social-distancing measures, developing rapport with a new contact can feel near-impossible,...